• Distilled water then remineralize (with sea salts or pink Himalayan salt to get trace minerals) for cooking and drinking. Alkaline on the pH scale is preferred so use pH test strips.



  • Natural mineral hot springs which are Sulphur based. Soak in them when you can….


  • Water filters on whole house and for sure the shower. Your pores are open in hot water and can absorb the toxins which are in the water through your skin. Skin is largest organ of the body so keep it clean.


  • Cold to warm showers over hot ones since if it is too hot it will damage your skin. Cold shower for lymph cleansing – 30-60 seconds at the end of a warm (never hot…not good for the skin) shower…yes cold not cool. Also, after sweating to close pores and wash off excreted toxins.




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