About us

About us

  • Develop and administer programs that allow veterans to develop personalized wellness plans individually focused on their needs.
  • Support research into the most promising treatments for conditions commonly experienced by veterans, and present stories of success and improvement.
  • Provide a wellness center for individual veterans and their families to strengthen relationships and improve understanding of how the wellness process is essential to physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Create, promote and provide valuable resources and materials covering all elements of the post-service journey
The Healthy Vets mission is to help our veterans to enjoy many healthy and vibrant years in their next phase of life. We strive to achieve this goal in four distinct ways:

From US Army Special Forces to struggling on my Post-Service Journey

I was constantly cranky, easily angered over nothing, and obsessing over the most pointless things… I felt like my life was spinning out of control, spiraling down into a no-win situation I couldn’t get out of…


I spent over a decade in the United States Army Special Forces, and then went on to contract with the US Government in the various conflicts. During my active service, I thought the problems of civilian life were small and insignificant, compared to what I was experiencing during my deployments abroad. What I didn’t understand at the time was, that the constant deployments and extreme work load I was going through didn’t only affect me right then and there in the moment. They took a toll on my marriage and affected how I was — in civilian life at least as much as in the line of duty.


As a Soldier in the Special Forces, I was training to survive in combat under the toughest possible circumstances. So, how hard could surviving ordinary civilian life be? I was surprised at how hard the transition from military to civilian really is.


My post-service journey continued the only way I knew how to live. I was always working to be distracted from the demons that came creeping up on me every time I didn’t occupy myself with something. I did not pay attention to the physical, mental and emotional health issues that were piling up. The more I tried to “work myself out of my problems,” the worse it got.


It got harder and harder to work. I became harder to live with. I didn’t see the toll my unresolved issues took on my marriage, my children, and my business, before it was too late…


It was only after my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I was getting divorced, I chose to sell my company to take care of my family situation, and my own physical health was jeopardized by Lyme Disease, I realized how much things had to change. Miraculously, a very wise client of mine saw my deterioration and suggested me to seek out a particular doctor. That became the beginning of my healing journey and the detox that saved my life.


The doctor’s tests was a wake up call explaining how my lifestyle and the multiple concussions I had suffered, contributed to my destructive behavior. I began a treatment protocol to slowly, but steadily understand what I was dealing with and how make positive changes in my life.


The first step to recovering from delayed-stress syndrome, was admitting to myself that I had a problem and mustering the courage to get help. post event depression is a very real health condition that requires both physical and mental treatment. — Without a healthy body, your mind cannot recover, and vice versa.


The second step was to create a daily detox schedule to bring my body back to a condition where I had a chance to deal with my mental and physical health problems. Eliminating my Lyme disease was critical, but so was managing my anxiety.


The third step was to rediscover how to find meaning in a civilian world I felt detached from. In the military, everything has a practical purpose; you eat to gain the energy you need, you sleep to be able to stay alert during critical situations… I couldn’t find that in civilian life, until I realized that I had to control my diet, lifestyle, psyche here too to be the best version of myself I could possibly be.

“ Erik Lawrence, SF

Remember the deployed and help those at home! “