The Importance of Pets

Some of us who served in the military tend to isolate ourselves from people for reasons including an inability to interact with regular civilians, or simply a desire to be left alone. Not uncommonly, veterans may need to undergo a transition process to reintegrate with society. A pet can be an excellent way to bridge the gap back into interaction with and caring for others. Regardless of the reason, having an animal friend as a pet can lead to a more active and fulfilling life.

Some veterans may be eligible to have a fully qualified and trained service animal by their side. Dogs are an obvious choice to assist their humans in as many ways as they can. For example, a service animal can calm a person who is about to erupt into a rage at the grocery store. The crisis may differ depending on the veteran, but perhaps the grape Gatorade stock has been completely depleted, or only a certain number of customers are allowed to enter the store at a time. A good service dog will remind its owner to relax about temporary inconveniences, as it has the advantage of being able to enter establishments lawfully with its human, offering a layer of protection and calming influence. Owning a service animal is an excellent option for those who need help coping with severe stress and want a furry guardian angel.

A new trend –– emotional support animals –– has become an excuse, and often an expensive investment, for some to try to secure their animal friend a free pass into the library or restaurant. Sorry, but in most places, that attempt won’t work, so you will have to leave the emotional support llama at home if you are going to church or the mall. People try using many different types of animals, claiming they offer unique support for their situation. But owning a regular everyday non-trending pet is fine, too. Dogs are still the top choice, though cats are also very calming. Check the local animal shelter first to see if rescuing a shelter animal may provide the best choice for your situation. While they may host adoption events, fewer pet stores sell dogs and cats, and breeders can be expensive, depending on the animal, which makes animal shelters one of the most economical options. As a bonus, you are rescuing a pet that could otherwise end up being euthanized due to no fault of its own.

Your pet will require exercise, feeding, grooming, and veterinary appointments. Be certain you have enough time in your schedule for a pet. The act of caring for and being responsible for another living thing is therapeutic and raises confidence and self-worth, but if you cannot give time to your pet, it is actually better not to acquire one. If you like to take trips, you can often take your pet with you, for example, camping or to dog-friendly destinations. If your pet can not join the adventure, be sure to have a dependable and caring individual to watch it while you are away. If you treat your pet well, it will respect you, and a trusting and rewarding relationship can develop. Pets provide joy and companionship, filling spare time with walks or as good company just sitting on the couch and listening to your rants about anything.

As a security option, a big dog sleeping on your doorstep is an excellent alarm system. People with bad intentions will think seriously about the issues the dog may cause for them. And no doubt, when you take your dog out, others will ask you questions and want to pet, or even take pictures with your dog, providing an excellent icebreaker for someone just starting to interact with civilians again or meeting neighbors.

Convinced a pet might do you good? Make sure you do some research before rushing out to select just any pet. Read about different breeds, and think about how much space your residence will provide for the animal. If you find a pet that might be compatible, consider all the positives and negatives to decide what will be best for you. While selecting a pet is not something to rush into, you will know when the time –– as well as the furry companion –– is right.